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Searching for a new job in a country that you are unfamiliar with can be challenging. That’s why a list of the best job portals in Germany would definitely help.

Luckily Germany offers many different and sometimes even niche platforms that you can use for your research.

My personal experience with those platforms is, most of the time, excellent. Some of them are easy to use and understand, even if you are not yet that familiar with the German language.

So, let’s have a look at the best German job portals below.

Key takeaways

1. There are various job search engines available in Germany.
2. Some of them are more convenient, because they are in English.
3. Among the leading job search sites in Germany you’ll find websites that are highly specialized in specific professions.
4. On Jobvector, for example, you can find specific job listings if you are an engineer, IT specialist, doctor, or scientist.
5. Adzuna or meinestadt.de aggregate jobs from other platforms but also offer their exclusive job listings.
6. It might make sense to use one many different platforms while conducting your search for a new opportunity in Germany.
7. Some jobs are easier to get if you are already connected to someone in the company you want to work for.
8. For that reason, it would make sense to search for a job and have an account with Xing and LinkedIn, as those are the most used professional networks in Germany.

So, what are the 15 best online job marketplaces in Germany?

Let me give you a better understanding of the 15 top employment websites.

I’ll explain below what kind of benefits they offer.

And also what differentiates them compared to some of the other players in the market.

Adzuna*: My favourite among the leading job search sites


Short description of Adzuna

Adzuna* is a brilliant job search engine only available in German.

Not only can you find available job listings, but Adzuna can also help you find your next white or blue-collar job in Germany.

Why Adzuna?

Here are the most significant features of Adzuna:

  • Aggregator of different job search platforms like LinkedIn, Job ninja, yourfirm, workwise, StepStone, Absolventa, experteer, etc.
  • Data-driven platform that allows you to estimate your market value either by uploading your CV as PDF or Word document or connecting your LinkedIn account
  • Offers filters like remote work, location, category, contract type (indefinite, temporary), companies as well as work time (full-time or part-time) 
  • App for Android and iOS available
  • They newly offer the option ValueMyCV. If you upload your CV, you can get an estimation of the salary you could get. Need a CV? Check my article here.

Stepstone: One of the top job listing sites in Germany


Short description of Stepstone

Stepstone has been in the German market for more than 25 years and does offer its services in German and English.

Stepstone offers a job search and a “Gehaltsplaner” or salary planner where you can estimate whether you could earn more by changing your position.

Why is Stepstone one of the best career websites?

  • Stepstone has its job listings and does not aggregate jobs from other platforms
  • It sometimes provides you with salary information for the job listing you are looking at when you are logged in
  • White and blue-collar jobs are offered
  • Perimeter job search based on zip code
  • StepStone Job app for Android and iOS is available



Short description of meinestadt.de

meinestadt.de has existed in Germany for over 20 years and offers regional services online.

You can find not only your next job but also apartments and houses for rent or sale, alongside cars for sale and a few other things on this platform.

Why search for jobs in Germany with meinestadt.de?

  • Regional focused search
  • Offers specific categories for each profession
  • They offer their own and aggregated job listings
  • Only available in German
  • More blue-collar jobs than white-collar jobs
  • meinestadt.de offers a unique “Jobbörse” app for Android and iOS
  • Additionaly you can search for other stuff such as real estate or cars for sale



Short description of indeed

Indeed for Germany is unfortunately only offered in German, but their search engine is easy to use.

You may also find ratings of specific companies and a salary check on its platform that helps you evaluate your market value based on location.

Why is Indeed among the top job search engines?

  • Instant application functionality is available. You only once have to create your CV, and you can answer different job listings afterward
  • Offers job search based on the profession but also based on companies
  • Aggregated and exclusive job offers – some of the job listings displayed on indeed can only be found there
  • Job search by perimeter around the location
  • Interesting: On their website you can find the so-called Unternehmensbewertung which means company valuation from the perspective of employees. Just enter the name of the company in the search field and you’ll see the comments of actual or former employees.
  • White and blue-collar jobs are available
  • Indeed Job Search App is available for Android on Google Play as well as iOS

Xing Stellenmarkt


Short description of Xing

Xing is the German answer to LinkedIn and a platform to connect with other professionals in or outside your industry.

Besides that, xing also offers a job search functionality that you can use without logging in.

Why Xing?

  • Instant application by opening a free account with Xing based on your profile
  • Job search is available in English and German
  • White and blue-collar jobs
  • Offers job search based on the profession but also based on companies
  • Perimeter based job search around city or town
  • Since Xing is a professional network, they also offer an app for connecting with other professionals for iOS and Android. You can also search for jobs within this app, but it’s more complicated than using the jobs website mentioned above.

Monster Deutschland


Short description of Monster

Monster was founded more than 20 years ago in the US and quickly expanded its operations to Germany.

Monster has its job listings on the platform and does not aggregate from other providers. Job search is only available in German.

Why search for jobs in Germany with Monster?

  • Mostly white-collar jobs
  • Offers job search profiles and easy application through monsters platform as soon as you add your CV to it
  • Offers job search based on the profession but also based on companies
  • Job search is based on an initial perimeter of 20 km around the city you entered
  • Monster also offers a “Moster Job Search App” for Android and iOS to organize your job searches, manage your professional profile as a jobseeker and update your CV on the go



Short description of Jobvector

Jobvector is a job search engine specializing in job listings for engineers, IT personnel, doctors, and scientists.

You can either search for specific companies or job titles. Jobvector is available in German only.

Why search for jobs in Germany with Jobvector?

  • One of the best search engines for engineers, IT, doctors, and scientists in Germany
  • Direct application available for most positions as long as you create your profile on this platform; other listings lead directly to the respective application page of the company offering the job
  • Offers job search based on the profession but also based on companies
  • Jobvector has no app available for either Android or iOS

Absolventa: Among the best job finding websites in Germany for young people


Short description of Absolventa

Absolventa is a good platform for young professionals starting their careers after finishing their higher education.

It offers only a limited amount of jobs across Germany. Its search functionality for Germany is available in German only.

Absolventa also offers insights into the application process, salaries, and interviews, making it a valuable platform for all starting their careers.

Why Absolventa has made it among the best job portals?

  • Great for job starters after finishing their university degree
  • Offers talent acquisition as soon as you create your profile on Absolventa so that recruiters can find your specific profile
  • Offers job search based on the profession but also based on companies
  • Search by city, state, or zip code based on perimeter search
  • White-collar jobs only
  • Since Absolventa is another highly specialized job search engine, they do not offer an app for Android or iOS



Short description of yourfirm.de

yourfirm.de is a job platform that specifically offers jobs in “KMUs” or medium-sized companies.

Their USP is that they are not listing any jobs for temporary employment agencies called “Zeitarbeitsfirmen” in German.

This platform might be an excellent place to start your job search as you should not look for temporary employment in Germany.

After all, having a job offer for a permanent position in Germany is beneficial for your visa application.

In addition to that, you will not find any human resources consulting companies listing any jobs there, which is another benefit of using this platform.

The German “Mittelstand” or medium-sized companies are the backbones of Germany’s industries, often with a long history and much stability.

Why search for jobs in Germany with yourfirm.de?

  • Direct application available as soon as you opened a free account with yourfirm.de and added your CV
  • Platform available in German only but accessible to use
  • yourfirm offers jobs that you most likely won’t find anywhere else
  • Offers job search based on the profession but also based on companies
  • yourfirm.de “Job App” available for Android and iOS
  • You can conduct your job search based on city, zip code, or even search for home office-specific job listings. Searches are perimeter-based.

Jobbörse Arbeitsagentur


Short description of Arbeitsagentur

The Jobbörse of the Arbeitsagentur, is the only official job search engine initiated by the state. This employment agency usually helps German residents whenever they face unemployment.

This search engine is available in German only. However, it is one of my favourite job search portals in Germany.

It offers various opportunities in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, construction, food, gastro jobs, and jobs in the health sector, logistics, IT, and sciences.

But why should you search on the “Arbeitsagentur” platform?

One of the main reasons is that job listings on this platform are sometimes not to be found anywhere else.

Most job listings link to the website of the respective companies offering the position so that you can apply directly with them.

Why we considered Jobbörse one of the top job listing sites?

  • Platform is relatively easy to use
  • Listings are sometimes not to be found on other platforms
  • You can add your job seeker profile on the “Arbeitsagentur Jobbörse” and receive notifications whenever a new job is posted based on your saved searches
  • Offers more blue-collar jobs than white-collar jobs



Short description of jobs.de

jobs.de is a platform from Job Scout 24. As with other platforms, you can either upload your CV or create your online CV directly on jobs.de.

It will also allow you to use a “quick apply” function for most of their listings based on your profile.

Jobs.de does not aggregate listings from other platforms and has listings that are hardly shared on any other platform, so that it might be beneficial to search for your first job in Germany.

Unfortunately, the platform is only provided in German, but the search functionality is easy to understand.

Why search for jobs in Germany with jobs.de?

  • Offers job search based on the profession but also based on companies
  • Unique job offers that you will not necessarily find on other platforms
  • Job searches are perimeter-based, either around cities or states
  • Jobs.de does unfortunately not offer a specific app
  • Has it’s explicitly focused on blue-collar jobs but also offers some white-collar job listings



Short description of kalaydo.de

kalaydo.de might look a bit confusing right from the start, but it has some specials to offer that you do not necessarily find somewhere else.

The platform does not aggregate from other platforms and shows that you won’t find on any other job platform mentioned above for many search requests results.

I like that they do not require you to register, as long as you are not using their “Merkliste” or watchlist.

The caveat is that you have to fill out every application individually. But on the other hand, it requires you to put more time and effort into your application, which can be beneficial.

As with many other platforms, kalaydo.de does not offer an English version of its website, but the interface and functionality are easy to understand.

There is no app available for Android or iOS.

Why search for jobs in Germany with kalaydo.de?

  • kalaydo.de does have many alternative job listings in its database compared with other platforms
  • Offers blue and white-collar jobs alike
  • Perimeter based job searches based on zip codes, cities, or states
  • Allows you to search for specific companies offering a job



Short description of arbeitnow.com

Arbeitnow.com is a very sleek platform that allows you to search for jobs based on job titles and cities within your desired country.

Make sure that you select Germany as your starting point.

What I find very interesting is that some listings do show salary expectations or at least a range which makes the interviewing process a bit easier.

If you are not yet that familiar with searching for job listings in German, you can also try their English language version here.

This makes the platform almost unique and may be easier for some.

Still, job listings will be displayed in the language the companies added them to.

For some reason, arbeitnow.com is specialized in more tech-savvy people, so most of the jobs are marketing, development, or its jobs, but sometimes you also find some other listings there.

Why search for jobs in Germany with arbeitnow.com?

  • German and English language version available for job search – so more straightforward for you to navigate on the platform if you are not yet that familiar with German
  • Offers specific jobs for English speaking employees here
  • Search engine that specializes in marketing, IT, and development jobs
  • Only white-collar jobs are available on arbeitnow.com



Short description of staufenbiel.de

staufenbiel.de does have a long history of offering job listings specifically for job starters after their bachelor’s, master’s, doctors degree, but also for trainees, interns, and student workers.

The platform itself offers only a relatively small number of job listings, usually roughly 3,000.

It is also well known amongst more prominent companies that can give you a head start in your professional career.

The search itself is based more on professional categories.

For example, if you’d like to work as a content marketing manager in a company, you will have to search for “content marketing” instead.

This platform is no job listing aggregator like others in my list and offers unique job listings that you won’t find in many other places.

The application process can sometimes be finished on staufenbiel.de directly.

If not, you will be redirected to the application page that belongs to the company that offers the job.

Why search for jobs in Germany with staufenbiel.de?

  • One of the best search engines, particularly for job starters or people with less experience in their profession
  • Easy to use platform
  • Search by keywords as mentioned above
  • Has jobs other platforms most likely won’t have
  • Only available in German and does not offer an app for Android or iOS
  • Mostly white-collar jobs available on this platform



Short description of stellenanzeigen.de

stellenanzeigen.de is one of Germany’s oldest job platforms and offers the cleanest interface.

Besides the job search, it also offers a specific career newsletter and a “Gehaltsreport” or salary report to estimate what you should ask for when applying for a position.

Based on my research, as this platform has such a long history, many companies seem to decide to post jobs on stellenanzeigen.de.

The platform itself is only available in German, but due to its simplicity and well-made usability, I recommend you to give it a try.

Why choose stellenanzeigen.de?

  • Job search by city, zip code, or region based on different available perimeters
  • the platform does not require any signup to send an application as long as you are not adding any job listings to your list of favorites
  • Offers white and blue-collar jobs alike, with a more significant focus on white-collar jobs


I hope you find this list of the top 15 best job portals in Germany useful.

As you can see, there are many different job platforms in Germany that you can use.

If you are searching for jobs for a particular profession, you might find one or the other job search engine in your list worth being used.


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