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For people who learn German to make a life in a German speaking country.

Hi! I’m Alex.

I'm Alex

My name is Alex and I am a non-native German speaker who unleashed all the secrets of the German language by working hard in German and Austrian corporations, in marketing, sales and product management. 

After 20 years of speaking German and 10 years of living and working in Germany and Austria, I became a professional German teacher.

And I have one goal

To help you learn German so fast so you can focus on the things that really matter in your work and life, when you live in a German speaking country. 


Learn Essential Expressions in German in 3 Days

Most people fail learning German quickly for different reasons:

  • They don’t know where to start, when learning German with or without a teacher
  • They are overwhelmed by the huge number of words and expressions
  • They start with German grammar, which could destroy everyone’s determination

If you have already started to learn German, I’m sure that, after a while, you asked yourself:

When will I be able to speak German?

When is the right time to talk to other people in German?

Is it after I know DER, DIE, DAS?

Or after I know accusative and dative in German?

Or maybe I have to conjugate all verbs perfectly?

Days, weeks, and even months are passing by, your motivation drops and your goal of learning German quickly is further and further.

Well, the solution is right in your hands!

Instead of spending years and years learning things in German that you don’t really need, you could only focus on the exact situations in which you have to speak German.

The secret of learning German fast is by focusing on the things that you really need.


Learn Essential Expressions in German in 3 Days

Imagine you could master any situation in German, from the first day.

Talking to your colleagues at work

Speaking comfortably at the doctor

Giving instructions at the repair shop

Taking the practical test for driving licence conversion


Making a car insurance

In order to master any situation in German, I have developed an unique


that helps me get around fast and get things done with super speed.

STEP No. 1

Set your objective.

What do you want to achieve? What is your goal in a particular situation? Setting a simple goal will give you clarity.

STEP No. 2

Visualize the situation.

Let your imagination fly and imagine where you are, with whom you speak, what you say and what the others are saying.

STEP No. 3

Prepare for a situation.

You prepare yourself by learning the exact words and expressions that you will use in this situation. Not more than that!

STEP No. 4


Practice the words and expressions you’ve just learned, until you master them. It doesn’t have to take long.

STEP No. 5

Take action!

Now it’s your turn. You take control. You just breathe deeply and you start talking. Just like that! So you can get your things done.

How Alex learned German for the practical exam for the driving licence in just a few weeks:

When he came from Ukraine to Austria less than one year ago, Alex, one of my students could only speak a few words in German.

His first goal: pass the practical exam for the driving licence conversion.

The reason: in order to get a job, he needed to get around quickly. By car.

The problem: Just a few driving instructors speak English.

The bigger problem: No examinator speaks English.

During the practical test, the examiner asks questions. In German.

The candidate has to understand the questions. And to answer them.

Using my 5 STEP FORMULA for learning German superfast, Alex prepared for the practical exam.

In only 6 weeks he was able to learn specifically the words and expressions for his exam.

When he had the exam, he was able to:

  • Understand the specific questions in German
  • Reply in German
  • Follow the instructions given in German by the examiner

As a bonus, the examiner praised him for his good German!

My dream is to help even more people, like Alex and like you, to learn German fast so they can then concentrate on the things that really matter for them.

Based on the experiences with my students and together with them, I’ve been developing a series of online courses for learning German superfast.

In my courses I break down in small pieces typical situations in German, everyone needs to know and to master.


Learn Essential Expressions in German in 3 Days