23 Effective Online Courses For German Language

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I spent some time researching and evaluating the best online courses for German language. Please find the complete list, including a short description of whom this course is made for and why you should take the specific course to your advantage.


To make it a bit easier, here is a summary of the 23 offerings as a list so that you can easily navigate to the specific offering.

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this picture shows the overview of the goethe online courses for German language

1. Goethe Institut Online Courses

Since I already wrote a lot about Goethe Institut in a separate article, I will tell you more about the online courses here. Goethe Institut currently offers seven different courses for the German language.

You can choose between learning German with a teacher online, learning German without a teacher, online conversational training, and online examination preparations. Their courses start from 199 euros for the speak German online course with ten sessions.

The intensive German online course for 849 euros is the most expensive, with 75 lessons. This course helps you quickly achieve your learning goals thanks to intensive support from Goethe Institut certified teachers.

Who should take these online courses?

The Goethe Institut courses are suitable for every language level, starting at A1 and ending at C1. The intensive training course is also for obtaining the C2 level online.

Why should you take one of the Goethe Institut courses?

Goethe Institut is a well-known language institution with many offices around the globe. They are recognized for providing excellent training sessions. Getting one of the Goethe Institut certificates means that new employers know your language skills are at a specific level.

this picture shows the webpage of deutschakademie for German courses

2. Deutschakademie

The Deutschakademie offers some free online grammar and vocabulary exercises that I experienced to be very helpful. They also provide some live courses at a lower price than the ones offered by Goethe Institut.

The free training material provided is outstanding from my perspective as there are:

  • Over 25.000 exercises are available for the language levels A1 – C1
  • 170 free course books that you can download and read as soon as you register
  • Over 150 grammar topics are offered in the form of online exercises
  • Over 4.000 free grammar exercises, including an exam trainer to prepare you for the German exam
  • Audio courses to train your reading, listening, speaking, and grammar as a beginner

Who should use the free training material and the online courses?

The free training material is suitable for all levels. Even if you are already learning for the C2 level in German, you can still benefit from it.

Why should you take one of the Deutschakademie courses online?

Deutschakademie is an established school for many years, with about 10.000 happy students yearly. They are more attractive from a pricing standpoint, have small groups of between 7 – 12 attendees, and offer a money-back guarantee.

this picture shows the website of deutsche welle for german language courses

3. Deutsche Welle online courses

Deutsche Welle is a German broadcasting station that published free online courses for German Language training. Their classes are grouped into four different categories.

For primary users, there are the A1 and A2 sections. Independent German users should use the B1 or B2 class, and proficient users should go for the C1 and C2 categories.

Even if you are a teacher and would like to get more learning material, there is a separate category for you.

For whom are the courses on learngerman.dw.com?

The courses offered on the platform are suitable for students of all levels. The pronunciation and language used in the videos are excellent and fun to watch.

Why should you take one of the free courses?

The video library on this platform hosted by Deutsche Welle is huge and offers exceptional videos that you can learn from. So why watch those videos? At first glance, you can’t see how many videos this platform has. They will help you understand everyday situations, pronunciation, and comprehension.

a picture which shows the page of lingoda for online courses for German language

4. Lingoda

Lingoda* is a language platform established in 2012. The main difference to most other platforms is their approach to learning new languages by speaking first to understand the language.

Who should learn on Lingoda?

Lingoda is suitable for everyone who wants to make significant progress in learning German. They are ideal for everyone between A1 to C1 levels.

Everyone interested in practicing their communication skills right from the start should choose this platform.

>> Click to learn German with Lingoda* <<

Why should you choose this platform?

As mentioned, Lingoda has been an established service for many years. They offer three courses: Live and online classes, group lessons, or private lessons. The group lessons are small compared to other services, so you can expect to take away more and learn more by practicing.

here you can see the first page of preply for learning German with tutor

5. Preply

Preply* offers a platform for students to book individual or group lessons with tutors. Reply not only provides German language courses but many other languages as well.

Who should take German language lessons on Preply?

Since there are many non-professional tutors on this platform, I believe it’s a good place for beginners to improve their German communication skills.

>> Click here to find a tutor for German with Preply* <<

Why should you take a course on Preply?

Since single lessons can be as low as 1 Euro per lesson, it’s an excellent opportunity to get some practice. I would only advise you to take a close look at the tutors and the feedback they received from giving previous courses.

this image shows the page of online German institute

6. German Online Institut

The German Online Institut offers custom 1-1 private sessions with tutors and custom group courses where you can take a class with people you like. The teachers are handpicked with consistently high quality. They are all likable, engaging, academically qualified, and experienced.

Who should learn at German Online Institut?

Their offering is very flexible, even regarding your schedule. They offer classes seven days a week between 7 am and 11 pm CET. From my understanding, this is one of the most convenient solutions I’ve discovered for you.

Why should you learn there?

The Berlin Senate accredits the German Online Institut because of their 100% qualified staff and CEFR adherence. You can also take one of their in-house CEFR certificates A1-C2 as proof of attendance as soon as you feel ready.

an image which shows the webpage of the german project for German language courses

7. The German Project

The German Project is a wonderfully designed platform where you can learn from free German Children’s Stories and participate in free beginner German vocabulary and grammar lessons.

They have 15 free classes online that touch base with the most important things you should learn. In addition, you can listen to their five fairy tales with clear German speakers and English subtitles.

Who should use The German Project for learning German online?

I recommend that everyone use this site when they start learning German online. Their lessons are very well written and will help you understand the German language very soon.

Why should you use this site?

First of all, it’s a free offer that helps you start learning German quite quickly. I found the 15 lessons very helpful because they cover the most critical vocabulary and grammar topics of the German language.

in this image you can see berlino schule where you can learn German as foreign language

8. Berlino Schule

Berlino Schule is a language school from Berlin that offers online courses as an alternative to their on-site private and group lessons. The online courses currently start at 212 euros for 48 hours, which makes this a fantastic offer from my perspective.

Who should book one of courses at Berlino Schule?

Everyone who begins to learn German up to a C1 level can take one of their online courses. They also offer specific exam preparation for those who want an extra boost.

Why should you use it?

From my first impression, Berlino Schule is very professional. They offer flexible courses, and their online Telc/Goethe preparation courses take place twice a week. This course is affordable as it costs 152 euros for 24 tutoring sessions.

picture that shows italki where you can find a German tutor for learning German language

9. italki

Like preply, italki* offers online tutor or teacher classes on their website. I recommend looking at the reviews for each tutor you’d like to choose, because not all provide the same quality of training. As you can imagine, they offer German as a language and 150+ others.

Who should learn on italki?

From my perspective, there is only one reason why you should not choose italki as an online platform to learn German. If you want specific training for an exam, I would consider selecting a language school with particular exam preparation courses.

>> Click here for German classes on Italki* <<

Why should you learn on italki?

There are several good things to say about italki. You can create your schedule and quickly switch to other classes from a different tutor.

a picture showing the deutsch info webpage for online courses for German language

10. Deutsch.info

Deutsch.info considers itself to be a multilingual online platform for learning German. The essential part is that it’s always available and accessible for all. You only have to register to get access to all courses.

Who should learn on deutsch.info?

Anyone training for the levels from A1 to B2 will find a lot of interactive exercises, audio-visual training materials, courses, grammar explanations, and games for free here. In addition to that, it helps you find practical information about working and living in Germany and Austria.

Why should you learn on this platform?

Deutsch.info offers free information, which you must pay for on other platforms. I liked their extensive media library that you can access. It provides many authentic texts and audio and visual material in German.

this is a picture of the website of expath

11. Expath

Expath offers online courses for all levels. They follow the CEFR (Common European Framework for Reference of Languages), which emphasizes practical goals. Their first and foremost goal is to focus on what you can accomplish with the language you learn.

Who should learn German with the expath courses?

Everyone who wants to learn for the A1 to B2 exams should consider taking a course on expath.com. Everyone who is not eager to learn every little detail of a textbook is in good hands here.

Why should you learn there?

Expath is committed to hiring teachers that actively engage students in every class. A part of their philosophy is “learning by doing.” This means specifically that you will learn by practicing instead of listening.

picture that shows the website of berlitz for learning german online

12. Berlitz Institut

If you are searching for a wider variety of how to learn German online, you should look at Berlitz’s online courses. This German language school is one of the most established ones. They have optimized their course program to find the perfect German system for everyone.

Who should learn German at Berlitz Institut?

Berlitz should be your choice if you are searching for a more innovative approach to learning German in small classes with a professional teacher. If you want to get a different certificate than the Goethe Institut, then you are in the best hands.

Why should you take one of the courses there?

Are you tired of the Goethe Institut certificates? You might want to consider the evaluation of the TOEIC, TOEFL, Cambridge, and IELTS certificates at Berlitz.

this picture shows the germanstudios website for German lessons as foreign language

13. GermanStudios and their online learning platform deutschstudieren.de

GermanStudios or deutschstudieren.de is an intitiative by Timo Enkirch from Berlin. He offers well-designed German online courses as an individual. His academically trained language trainer background enables him to take a personalized approach compared to traditional language schools.

Who should take one of the online courses for German language?

Everyone who wants or needs individual support from a private teacher and wants to see some progress fast due to small classes is making a good choice with him.

Why should you learn at GermanStudios?

Timo promises high-quality German classes that are as unique as you are. If you are tired of ordinary language schools, this is the best place to be. He will help you improve your German skills from the start.

in this picture you can see the offer of udemy for online courses for German language

14. Udemy

Most of you may already know udemy. Udemy is an online platform where you can learn a language and many other things by watching videos someone else created. The German language courses* I took there were well-made and helped me understand German better.

Who should learn on udemy?

Udemy suits people who find it more convenient to learn a new language by watching videos whenever they have time. If you can learn by watching and repeating parts of the conversations, vocabulary, and grammar on your own, I highly recommend it.

>> Click here to start learning German with Udemy* <<

Why should you book an online course at udemy?

Udemy is generally cheaper, and what you get for the price you pay is mostly of outstanding quality. It helps with learning and repeating vocabulary and grammar. Most of the teachers I found there seem to be at least German natives, even if they might not live in Germany.

15. Studygermanonline.com

Steffie is a private, passionate German teacher. She’s been teaching German for more than 10 years now and holds a certificate from the Goethe Institut. She offers individual online courses on her website.

Who should take one of the individual courses for German with Steffie?

You are in the right place if you need online private German classes tailored to your needs, conversation classes, or German grammar classes. Steffie gives tailored private lessons to individuals learning German.

Why should you learn there?

Steffie guarantees that all online classes she gives are planned individually for each student. If you attended one of the classes at a regular language school and felt not very well taken care of, you will benefit from learning with an individual teacher like her.

this picture shows the offer of GLS berlin for online german courses

16. GLS Berlin

GLS Berlin is an established language school in Berlin. Besides offering German classes in person, they also give German courses online. They offer two different types of classes. The first one is tailored to individuals who would like to learn German for daily situations. The second one is more tailored to professional use of German for your job.

For whom are the courses at GLS?

GLS is considered one of the best German language schools worldwide. They offer courses for every level between A1 and C2.

Why should you consider taking a course there?

There are many different options for taking a course at GLS Berlin. There is much to choose from German online classes during the day or evening to afternoon lessons, TESTDAF, TELC, or Goethe-specific studies. Even if you’d like to take private 1:1 lessons or private lessons with mini-groups online, GLS has it all.

a picture of the website of rocketlanguages for online language courses

17. RocketLanguages

I already wrote about the online platform of RocketLanguages, where you can take online courses for German language training. Interestingly enough, RocketLanguages store the online courses you took in your profile. So no matter when you come back to refresh or continue learning German, you will have everything at hand on this platform.

Who should choose RocketLanguages?

RocketLanguages is suitable for everyone who not specifically wants to learn a new language and take an exam. It’s more for those who want to get started and be taught the essential basics that help you sufficiently speak, understand, read and write a new language.

Why should you choose it?

From my impression, RocketLanguages is an excellent platform for everyone who wants to emphasize speaking and to listen to a foreign language. Of course, you will also learn reading and writing skills.

One of their biggest USPs is the specific cultural lessons for the country whose language you are learning. They provide you with more insights and an understanding of particular customs.

here is the website of verbling for online courses for German language

18. Verbling

You can not only learn German on Verbling but, in total, over 70 different languages if you want. To test this platform, you can try one free lesson for the language you wish to learn. Verbling is again a platform for tutors to offer their services to others who want to learn a new language.

Who should learn German with verbling?

They claim to have over 10,000 expert tutors verified by their team, and lessons start as low as 4.82 euros. Everyone who needs a flexible schedule is in good hands here.

International companies also use the platform, like others in this overview.

Why should you learn on this platform?

In general, the reviews for this platform on Trustpilot are pretty good. But before you consider them for your language learning plans, please make sure to check the reviews there again. Unfortunately, the most recent ones are alarming after another company acquired Verbling.

in this image can be seen the website of mondly for learning german online for free

19. Mondly

Mondlys’ online platform is a good choice for everyone who wants free lessons in the form of a chatbot. Yes, the app Mondly offers is similar to a chatbot. They take a very playful approach to learning Germany with monthly leaderboards, different language levels you can achieve, and many others.

Who should use the mondly app?

From my experience, this is a good app for beginners to get a good understanding of pronunciation, sentence structure, some simple grammar rules, and vocabulary. Learning with this app as a beginner can help you get to an A1 – A2 level more or less quickly.

Why should you use it?

Since the app and website are free to use after registration, everyone should use them. A more playful approach to learning German can be helpful sometimes.

The website and app can’t provide specific training or courses that help you get to an official exam. If you aim for that, you would need to look elsewhere.

this is an image of deutsch-uni online for learning German as a foreign language

20. DUO – Deutsch Uni Online

With DUO, you can start learning German and learn what it takes to study at a university in Germany. Learning with DUO means reading, listening, writing, speaking, giving presentations, writing term papers, bachelor and master theses, and reading and understanding scientific texts. You can check out their online courses here.

Who should take one of the German online courses at Deutsch-Uni Online?

The online courses on DUO are suitable for all students and employees who want to learn German professionally. They offer qualifications for levels A1 to C1.

Why should you consider learning there?

Their offerings are less about day-to-day conversations and more about business English. It’s specifically designed for students who want to study in Germany.

this picture shows the website of busuu where people can book online courses for german language

21. Busuu

Busuu is a well-designed app you can download from the app store or Google Play. It offers many different language learning opportunities. One of them are also online course for German language. One of the main advantages is that you can connect with native speakers worldwide to get help, for example, with pronunciation.

Who should learn with the Busuu app?

This service suits everyone who wants to achieve everything between A1 and B2 levels. Everyone needs their own pace and can’t be available on a fixed schedule at one of the language schools.

But don’t get me wrong, Busuu is not only an app, but they also have live classes with expert tutors, and you can practice with 120 million native speakers worldwide.

Why should you use Busuu to learn German?

Busuu is not very expensive, and they’ve been App of the Year at Apple’s App Store and Editors’ choice at Google Play. You can sign up and use the free version first with no extra features and experience the app first before deciding on a monthly membership fee.

a picture that shows the webpage of humboldt institut where you can learn German online

22. Humbolt Institut

The Humbolt Institut is an association that offers German language courses online. You might have heard about Humbolt Institut, as they provide on-site language training in Berlin at some locations. Besides that, they also have live online German classes that allow students of different ages to learn German from home.

Who should learn online at Humbolt Institut?

Everyone who wants a proficient language education based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) should start learning online at Humbolt. They teach every level between A1 and C2.2 online.

Why should you learn there?

The approach from linguistic immersion to a holistic teaching concept based on the internal curriculum at Humbolt Institut makes this “school ” a perfect place to start. The online lessons, specifically, are always taught live, you get the course material from the intensive courses, and all crucial skills are covered.

this image shows the page of die deutschule for online german courses

23. Die deutSCHule

I already wrote about die deutSCHule, a language school from Berlin. It has a slightly different approach to offering online courses than any other school.

In addition to intensive German courses at levels A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1, deutSCHule also offers particular grammar, writing, and conversation courses at absolutely reasonable prices. In addition, TestDaF and telc preparation courses and the corresponding exams are held here regularly.

Who should attend the online lessons for German at Die deutSCHule?

If you have the time and want to learn German with an intense program, you should consider an online course at die deutSCHule. They have almost ten years of experience teaching German to foreigners.

Why should you do that?

If you are willing to invest the time to learn German, you will get great support from the teachers at die deutSCHule. They are a bit different, in a good way, and based on the reviews I read, most of them mention the excellent teachers and their commitment to bringing you forward.


So, as you might have observed, there’s plenty of possibilities to learn German.

My advice is to choose one of these many providers and start now.

* The links that are marked in this way are affiliate links and indicate that we receive a small commission if you decide to buy the products or services offered by our partner sites. But for you, it won’t cost anything extra.