List of Audio Books to Learn German for Beginners

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Besides taking German language courses, listening to audio books to learn German helped me gain greater confidence in using German daily.

When I started learning German, the offering was limited to buying CDs compared to today.

For this article, I made a comprehensive overview of what’s available in the market now.

The books listed below have affiliate links from Amazon. We have included these links for two main purposes: We receive a commission for each book that is bought through the link, which helps to keep our website running. Additionally, clicking the link will take you directly to the book’s page, and you can read through the customer reviews before making your purchase. Please be sure to read the reviews before making your decision.

Audio Books to learn German for beginners

1. Learn German with Paul Noble for Beginners – Complete Course

The audio book Learn German with Paul Noble* is available for download on Audible.

With Paul Noble’s simple, relaxed approach, you will learn in a way that suits you. With this release, you get one of the best audio books as a complete course.

He explains, together with a native German speaker, the essential phrases, vocabulary, and common themes in the language.

This audiobook gives you more than 12 hours of intense learning material that’s excellent for beginners.

2. Short Stories in German for Beginners

If you are less into language courses to listen to but need something that is maybe a bit more entertaining, I recommend the audiobook Short Stories in German for Beginners* to you.

The only thing I would like to mention is that the difficulty level of those short stories progresses quite fast, so there are only a few short stories for Beginners (A1 – A2) in that audio book.

I also miss any English explanations alongside those eight short stories you will get. On the other hand, if you also buy the book*, you can for sure benefit from that.

3. German Short Stories for Beginners

The audio book German Short Stories for Beginners* is in a mixed language, meaning English and German. This helps you understand most of the context easier.

The English explanation is mostly about new vocabulary and typical German expressions.

The book claims that it uses much vocabulary you could easily use in your daily conversations.

It’s good to listen to, especially for people with at least an A2 level of German knowledge.

4. German Short Stories for Beginners: 30 Captivating Short Stories

German Short Stories for Beginners: 30 Captivating Short Stories* is another bilingual audio book that will help you learn German and grow your vocabulary.

The producer included thirty short stories in easy German.

First, parts of a text are read in German, then the English equivalent is read. This dramatically improves the chance of catching the context a lot easier.

This book is excellent even for true beginners on their journey to learn German.

5. German Short Stories for Beginners with 1,000 Most Common German Words

This is one of the German audio books that stands out from the crowd.

German Short Stories for Beginners with 1,000 Most Common German Words* gives you 20 hours of audio material that I’ll explain to you in detail shortly.

There are 16 stories included in this audio book. All of them are recorded at two different speeds. First, you can listen to a slow version.

As soon as you get used to it, you can hear the same story at an average rate as locals read it out loud.

6. Conversational German Dialogues

From the same producers as the audio book mentioned above, Conversational German Dialogues* is another excellent source to learn more and is worth the price.

The concept is the same: They recorded 15 typical dialogues of Germans, one version spoken slowly and the second version at average speed. This is accompanied by the essential vocabulary you can learn from each chapter.

I highly recommend both books, especially for beginners who are new to this language and prefer that way of learning.

7. German: Learn German for Beginners

The audio book German: Learn German for Beginners* has roughly 11 hours of material to learn German vocabulary, grammar, and specific German phrases.

After it starts with several reasons you should learn German in English, it offers an essential guide to German language learning. This is followed by nine simple and captivating short stories designed for beginners.

Last but not least, you will learn many phrases alongside those stories.

8. Café in Berlin

Café in Berlin* is a brief audio book that includes the first episode of the bestselling “Dino lernt Deutsch” story series for German learners.

To maximize study effects, the producers recommend listening to this audiobook with a paperback or ebook edition of Learn German with Stories: Café in Berlin – 10 short stories for beginners*.

9. Learn German for Beginners – 4-in-1 Bundle

The audio book Learn German for Beginners* by Central Park Language Learning contains almost 31 hours of material that starts from the beginning.

There are 16 short stories, more than 1,000 common words and phrases, German dialogues, plus 90 language lessons included.

The audio book is bilingual, meaning German text and English explanation alongside it.

10. German Short Stories for beginners

German Short Stories for Beginners* covers 20 different chapters and day-to-day situations narrated in German.

Those short stories are very entertaining and easy to understand with some practice.

Every episode is followed by a German and English synopsis, which helps you better understand each story’s context.

After each text, a set of tricky German questions is included to check whether you understood everything.

11. Learn German – Word Power 101

The audiobook Learn German – Word Power 101* is a vocabulary trainer with some background stories that provide greater context around the vocabulary. There are also some sample sentences and phrases included.

A German native speaks all vocabulary.

This is one of the audio books that you can easily listen to on a car ride because you can repeat the words spoken to learn more efficiently.

12. Daily Language Learning German

Daily language learning – German* is an ultimate guide for beginners who want to learn German. The audio book contains three different manuscripts.

The first one is about how to learn German fast.

It is followed by 11 simple German short stories for beginners who want to learn German in a short amount of time.

Last but not least, you will also get the audio version of the German phrase book with over 1,000 essential phrases you need to know.

13. Learn German: Ultimate Course for Beginners & Intermediates

The audio book Learn German: Ultimate Course* includes 20+ hours of fun and engaging German lessons.

You will learn more about essential grammar, frequently used vocabulary, and standard and valuable phrases as you listen to honest German conversations and short stories.

If you are traveling to Germany or are considering learning German, this audiobook is a fantastic resource.

14. Learn German in Your Car

Learn German in Your Car* is a great audio book that can be fun for kids. What’s included in this audiobook is, for example, step-by-step guides for learning how to speak German like a native, specific activities to enrich your German vocabulary, important common phrases, and so much more. Even if it states that this audiobook is for beginners, the German language parts are very natural and fast, which might make it difficult for some of you to understand everything right from the start.

15. German Short Stories

The audiobook German Short Stories* is not only for beginners.

This bundle of 5 hours of German language material includes three books:

  • Learn German with Stories for Beginners
  • Learn German with Stories for Intermediates
  • Learn German with Stories for Advanced

You will learn a lot of vocabulary and common words that you can use in day-to-day communications, including some short lessons that help you understand the context of each story easily.

From my perspective, what you get with this audio book is 33 stories for different language learning levels for a great price.

16. Learn German While You Sleep

The audio book Learn German While You Sleep takes an entirely different approach than any other book. It plays with the understanding that your subconscious mind can learn while sleeping.

Every lesson in this book includes German vocabulary, common phrases, grammar explanations, pronunciation, and compelling short stories.

By the way, the idea of learning while sleeping is called „hypnopedia.“ I can’t tell you whether it works, but I find the content very well-made, even for daily practice.

17. Audiotraining Plus – German as a foreign language

The PONS audio book Audiotraining PlusGerman as a foreign language* is one of the classics on the market, with almost 6 hours of German language learning material.

It’s a great audiobook with many educational lessons you can listen to during car rides, on your way to work, or at home, where you can practice alongside it.

It will teach you many essential vocabularies and phrases for everyday use.

18. German Short Stories for Beginners

Learning through short stories is a great way to get used to a new language.

With the audio book German Short Stories for Beginners* you receive a fantastic collection of 10 exciting stories that help you improve your vocabulary and teach familiar phrases based on day-to-day communication examples.

Every story comes with a summary in German and English so that you improve your comprehension skills.

The German speaker pronounces the words and sentences in a very natural way.

19. German Short Stories for Beginners – Volume 2

If you like the speaker and author of the previous book mentioned in the paragraph above, you should consider getting the other book with 20 additional stories.

The audio book is called German Short Stories for Beginners: Volume 2*

The concept behind it is the same. I did not mention that this audiobook also comes with a PDF file to support your learning efforts.

20. Easy German Dialogues

As the audiobook title already tells you, „Easy German Dialogues“ is all about conversation and comprehending specific situations based on dialogues between native speakers. I would highly recommend reading the accompanying book alongside it. The book is Easy German Dialogues: Fun & Simple Conversation Practice For Beginners And Intermediates*.

21. Learn German

The audio book Learn German* has more than 18 hours of learning material.

This audiobook combines two manuscripts in one book and is, therefore, a good resource for you for a long time. There are various topics this book covers in those 18+ hours, like:

22. Learn German for Everyday Life

Learn German for Everyday Life* is a collection of 60 audio lessons that will significantly help you communicate in German.

You will learn how to communicate on social media in German, master standard greetings, and have basic conversations with locals.

The book promises to support you in learning German fast.

It also has a huge PDF file to read along those 60 lessons.

23. Learn German for Kids

Lastly, I also wanted to include one audio book suitable for kids. The title Learn German for Kids* will help your child learn German better.

It provides captivating activities and exercises designed for children to help them learn German like a native.

So what are the best audio books for people who want to learn German?

Any audio book will help you learn German on one way or another.

Everything you have to do is choosing these books one by one and listen. You can do this anytime and anywhere. My favourite places to listen to audio books are while I’m driving and when I’m working in my garden.

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