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This list of the top 10 German language level test tools online helps you to find a wide variety of tests that you can take to evaluate your German skills. If you are considering moving to Germany and finding some work, you are required to reach a certain standard.

Let me introduce you to some online tests I tried on my own to evaluate my skills before starting a higher course.

Key takeaways

  1. German language tests are provided online by many websites.
    2. Most of them use the CEFR evaluation system.
    3. You will get to know some well-known language schools online and other free online tests.
    4. The most comprehensive one is the test provided by Goethe Institut, as they are also testing your listening skills.
    5. Other tests like the one from Sprachschule Aktiv and ActiLingua are also excellent.

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Advantages and disadvantages of taking a German language level test online free

The benefits of an online language level test are that you can assess your language skills online. On the other hand, there is only one test that at least covers comprehension and listening skills. The best amongst all those listed is the one provided by Goethe Institut.

To be good at German, you must communicate fluently and understand discussions easily. The disadvantages are that an online test can never provide the exact result of an in-person examination. But on the other hand, online tests can be the first evaluation of your proficiency in German.

#1 Goethe Institut

The most comprehensive test is provided by Goethe Institut.

Short decription of the Goethe Institut German Language Test

The German exams of the Goethe-Institut correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels. Taking an assessment test on their website may help you estimate how well your current level of German is.

This is the start page of the German language level test from Goethe Institut

Why you should use the Goethe Institut test to test your German language level

  • It’s one of the few official sources
  • The evaluation helps you understand at what level your German is currently at
  • It’s for all language level skills
  • It offers a great variety of questions
  • The test also evaluates your listening skills

#2 Free Test by Sprachschule Aktiv 

The next possibility to test your German level is to use the tool from Sprachschule Aktiv.

Short decription of Sprachschule Aktiv placement test

Sprachschule Aktiv from Munich offers several placement tests for each official level in German. You can test your skills for A1.1 to C2.2 online. After answering a few questions and solving some texts, you immediately receive your evaluation based on the number of correct answers.

Here you can start your German language level test at Sprachschule Aktiv

Why you should use the language tests of Sprachschule Aktiv online to test your German language level

  • Comprehensive tests for each German level
  • Instant evaluation after solving 18 questions for every level
  • If you don’t know your current level of German, you could end up making a lot of tests

#3 ActiLingua Academy Tests

My next reccomendation is a language test from ActiLingua. But I’m warning you, this is not an easy one.

Short decription of the ActiLingua German tests

ActiLingua, a language school in Vienna, Austria, offers two evaluation tests for free online. The tests are not as easy as others. From my understanding, this helps evaluate your skills a lot more.

This is the start page of the German language level test from Actilingua

Why you should use the ActiLingua Academy test to test your German language level

  • Short German test if you do not have a lot of time at your disposal – you have to answer 30 questions to get your results
  • Long German language test if you have time to answer roughly 120 questions
  • Good evaluation of your current German skills

#4 ESL – Test your German level

You can also text your German language level with the tool from ESL.

Short decription of ESL German language skill test

The ESL test consists of 40 multiple choice questions and is free for online users. It allows you to test your grammar and vocabulary skills. You can do this test to ensure you attend the right course to improve your German skills.

Here you can start your test for German Level with ESL

Why you should use ESL online to test your German language level

  • The test takes only 20 minutes
  • Tests grammar and vocabulary skills
  • It is suitable for testing your German skills before you move to Germany

#5 Online Test by German Language School Berlin (GLS)

In Berlin, there is a German school – GLS – that also offers an online German level test, where you can test your skills in this wonderful language.

Short decription of the GLS online evaluation test

The German a1 test online free by GLS will show your evaluation based on the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFL) for levels A1 to C2. It’s not a replacement test as it will not test your speaking and listening skills.

This is the start page of the German language level test from GLS

Why you should use #1 to test your German language level

  • Good training for exams as you have a time limit for this test of 30 minutes
  • 63 multiple choice questions
  • Very comprehensive
  • Tests grammar and vocabulary knowledge in German

#6 Language level test by Alpadia Language Schools

If you’re looking for a quick language test, to see exactly where you are, you can try the test from Alpadia.

Short decription of Alpadia Language School Test

Alpadia Language School offers a 40 multiple choice question-based test that does not cover listening skills. They do suggest completing this within a 30-minute timeframe.

This is where you can start your German language test with Alpadia

Why you should use the Apladia to evaluate your German language level

  • 40 different questions
  • Multiple choice
  • Not too easy to fill out, and the evaluation seems reasonable

#7 The test from Language Trainers

Another very interesting language level test is provided by Language Trainers.

Short decription of Online Language Test by Language Trainers

This online test helps you to assess your language ability. It measures your comprehension of German grammar and understanding of phrases. It offers up to 70 questions, and I encourage you to take your time and finish all of them. 


Why you should use the Language Trainers test to test your German language level

  • 70 questions offered
  • Does use the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) scoring system, so you might have to translate your result into the equivalent CEFL rating

#8 Anglo-German Institute CEFR language level test

If you are looking for a dedicated test for beginners or advanced German learners, try also the next tool, from the Anglo-German Institute.

Short decription of the AGI language level test

The anglo-german institute offers language training and a free online evaluation test. The test is based on the CEFR or CEFL ratings essential to estimate your language skills in German. 

On this page you can start your German language level test from AGI

Why you should use the AGI CEFR test to test your German language level free

  • 30 minutes for 45 questions
  • Questions do vary, so you can retake the test and reevaluate your skills
  • The test checks your German skills based on the standard CEFR evaluation system
  • A separate test for elementary, intermediate, and advanced language skills

#9 Inlingua German language levels test

Inlingua is a well-known language school all over Germany. They also offer online a comprehensive language level test for German learners.

German language level test from inlingua augsburg

Short decription of the free online German test by Inlingua

The language level test is based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and is free for all. You have to provide your name to take the test, but you are not committing to anything.

Why you should use Lingoda to test your German language level

  • It’s a test by a well-known language school in Germany
  • The test is based on the CEFR standard
  • You will receive your test results by email
  • Unfortunately, it’s a lead generation for the language school, so that you will receive follow-up emails and a call

#10 Sprachinstitut Berlin Online-Test

If you’re searching for a language test dedicated to beginners, you might find it at the Sprachinstitut Berlin.

Short decription of the online language assessment test by Sprachinstitut Berlin

This German a1 test online is free for beginners for levels A1 and A2. Sprachinstitut Berlin also uses this free online test for lead generation, and they ask you to provide your name and email address. You may skip entering your phone number and address.


Why you should use Sprachinstitut Berlin to test your German language level

  • The test consists of three parts
  • A good amount of questions
  • Excellent estimation of your language skills


All the tests listed here are free, but some require you to enter your personal information like name, street address, phone number, and email. My favorite one is the German language evaluation test provided by Goethe Institut.


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