12 Best German Grammar Check Tools Online For Beginners

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German is very complex, and its grammar and spelling are not easy to learn. After working many years in German and Austrian companies, I realized that even German speakers use online grammar checking tools. Learners of all levels rely on an online grammar check to improve their German language skills.

I can recommend using such a tool for your personal and business communication. It can help you learn about errors and mistakes you might make daily and learn from them. Just make sure to use the right too.

Key takeaways

German grammar check tools are an easy way around manually looking up in grammar books potential mistakes. You will learn about 12 different and some of the best German language proofreading tools. Amongst them are also some that are not as good as others.

I will also briefly describe each tool I’ve tried so far and some reasons why you should use that tool. I hope you find those recommendations helpful.

#1 WhatImean

WhatImean is an innovative spelling and grammar checker for German texts. Why innovative?
It offers you the possibility to adapt the tone of voice and the length of the text, depending to whom you’re writing to.

Short description of WhatImean

For many years, they’ve been offering B2B support for content writers, including a spell checker.

They have now developed a version adapted to the needs of private users and smaller companies.

As its name says, it helps you create a clear message in German. Which is a extremely important in the communication with German speakers.

Thus you can choose between professional, inclusive or friendly texts.

This picture shows the main field of the German grammar check tool WhatImean

Why you should use WhatImean to check German grammar and spelling?

  • You can use it wherever you’re writing texts: email, social media, google docs, Microsoft office
  • It helps you adapt the tone of voice
  • You can correct and improve your texts thanks to artificial intelligence
  • It knows at least 98% of all kind of new and old words in German

However, in order to be able to use its complete functions, you have to have at least basic reading and writing skills in German.

#2 LanguageTool

Language Tool is a multilingual spelling checker for German that is GDPR compliant in case this is important for you.

Short description of LanguageTool

It’s a free and open-source grammar checker for Germany, offers a personal dictionary, and scores the quality of your content.

This image shows an overview of the German grammar check tool Languagetool

Why you should use Language Tool for German language review

  • Compatible with all browsers and systems
  • LanguageTool provides quality scoring of your text
  • Supports longer text
  • It allows you to install an extension for standard writing tools and browsers
  • It has a user-friendly interface

#3 German Corrector

German Corrector is the next online checker I would like to introduce.

Short description of German Corrector

This image shows an overview of the online German grammar checker germancorrector

It uses the software of LanguageTool, Hunspell, and Diction to highlight spelling mistakes. In addition, the German spelling and grammar check can mark fundamental grammar and style issues within your text. It works incredibly well for brief texts, which you can copy and paste into the form.

Why you should use German Corrector as grammar checker

  • You can check the German spelling and grammar of Swiss, Austrian, and German variants of German
  • It combines several tools, making it unique on the market
  • Easy to use, fast, and most of the time, reliable results

#4 Duden Mentor

Duden is the name of a well-known German dictionary publisher with a history of more than 140 years of publishing.

Short description of Duden Mentor

The free online-tool Duden Mentor is convenient and easy to use. You can even use the tool without registering a free account for 800 characters. 

An image that shows the page of the online German grammar check tool duden-mentor

Why you should use Duden Mentor?

  • 800 characters grammar check without registration
  • Up to 1,500 characters of grammar checks with a free account
  • Easy to use
  • Slightly limited personal dictionary available with a free account
  • The only downside – all explanations of grammar mistakes are available in German only

#5 Online Spellcheck

Even if you might assume that online spellcheck provides only spellcheck, you can also get your German grammar checked.

Short description of Online Spellcheck

Since there is a lot of advertising on its site, it’s currently free to use. Even if the interface seems a bit dated, it’s one of the better tools available online for free.

In this image you can see the page of online spellcheck an onlinen German grammar check tool

Why you should use Online Spellcheck?

  • No account is needed to check a complete text by copying and pasting
  • Upload of Word, PDF, text, or image files is possible
  • Spellchecking entire pages of a website works as well

#6 Rechtschreibprüfung24

Rechtschreibpruefung24 is an affiliate of LanguageTool. Due to this fact, its capabilities and packages are very much alike.

Short description of Rechtschreibprüfung24

You can either upload the Word plugin or copy and paste a text into the online form. The usage is straightforward, and recommendations come along with English explanations.

rechtschreibpruefung24 view of the page of this online grammar checker

Why you should use Rechtschreibprüfung24 for German language proofreading?

  • Up to 20,000 characters with a free account
  • When you compare the paid packages to other services, they are pretty cheap

#7 Korrekturen

Korrekturen is well known for its database for quick checks of a single issue.

Short description of Korrekturen

Based on their database, they offer a reliable online service that allows you to upload text by copy and paste. They can provide their services for shorter content based on the LanguageTool technology as they are an affiliate of LanguageTool.

This image shows an overview of the online German grammar check tool korrekturen

Why you should use Korrekturen?

  • Good technology based on LanguageTool
  • Con: Limited text size

#8 TextGears

Even if TextGears does not look like a very sophisticated platform at first view, it offers the most extensive German spelling and grammar check.

Short description of TextGears

You can check monthly with a free account based on 80,000 characters. This is quite a lot and should be suitable for many.


Why you should use TextGears for German grammar check free

  • TextGears offers their unique API
  • They claim to detect more than 200 different types of grammatical errors
  • You can send 1,000 requests with up to 8,000 characters per month with a free account
  • Con: Spellchecking does not always work in German. TextGears does not suggest missing words

#9 Sapling

The online German language proofreader by Sapling is an easy-to-use tool that provides grammar suggestions for German.


Short description of Sapling

A free version allows you to translate a limited number of texts. You may either use it by copying and pasting your text in or install Sapling as a browser extension.

Why you should use Sapling as a free checker?

  • It’s fast and easy to use
  • If you can do without explanations or further descriptions, it’s an excellent solution
  • It offers a browser extension for every significant browser

#10 SEOMagnifier

SEOMagnifier offers a handy language proofreading for your convenience.

Short description of SEOMagnifier

You should try it even if analyzing longer texts simultaneously takes some time. There are a few things that differentiate the German grammar tool by SEOMagnifier from others, as you can see below.

An image that shows the page of the online German grammar check tool-seo-magnifier

Why you should use SEOMagnifier?

  • It provides a complete grammar, style, and spell check in one tool
  • It displays the error types in different colors
  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • You can upload files like .doc, .docx, and .txt

#11 SEO Tools Centre

My next recommendation is SEO Tools Centre.

Short description of SEO Tools Centre 

The tool provided by SEO Tools Centre is the same as the grammar checker provided by SEOMagnifier. So my tip would be that if you exceed a limit on either of both platforms, you can easily continue working with the other one and get the same quality.


Why you should use SEO Tools Centre as a proofreading tool?

  • It provides a complete grammar, style, and spell check in one tool
  • It displays the error types in different colors
  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • You can upload files like .doc, .docx, and .txt

#12 Scribbr

Last but not least, I’d like to write about Scribbr.

Short description of Scribbr

Scribbr is an editing and proofreading service that you can use for professional purposes. This might be the reason why their online tool is so good.

The grammar check for German on the Scribbr website works well, and it’s one of my favorites online.

This image shows an overview of the German grammar check tool scribbr

Why you should use Scribbr?

  • Delivers excellent results
  • It is fast and reliable
  • Checks grammar, commas, and spelling
  • Allows you to upload files with an account and have your dictionary


There are a lot of German language proofreading free tools available online, and not all of them deliver similar results or are good. I recommend trying some of them to see which works best for you.


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