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You probably are on your way to learning German. In this article, I will provide valuable addresses on where to learn German in Germany, in different cities or online. So let me get started.

Where to learn German online?

I was wondering whether there are any other sources than lingoda or Babbel that I already wrote about in my article How to learn German A1 at home. I researched and am happy to share what I’ve found with you.

Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle is a German international broadcaster offering free online German courses on levels A1, A2, B1, and B2.

They also publish videos regularly around different topics, including German subtitles.

I found this a great combination of self-learning and tutoring by a teacher.

Goethe Institut

The well-known Goethe Institut offers different courses online. They currently start at EUR 159 for ten sessions of one-to-one conversation practices and guided conversations for beginners and advanced learners.

There are also more expensive packages for interactive group exercises, individual mentoring and support, and daily high-intensity learning sessions.

German Language School Berlin

The German Language School Berlin offers several online courses for you. Besides specific exam prep courses, some afternoon or evening courses are available for beginners and advanced learners.

Additional websites to learn German in Germany online

There are a couple of different websites you might want to check out:

  • Preply*
    This community gathers tutors from over 177 countries, including Germany.
  • Rocket Languages
    Offers, most likely, the most brilliant and comprehensive online courses to learn German online.
  • Yabla
    This is the right source to choose if you prefer learning German by watching videos. Courses start from 15 Euros with a 14-day trial period.
  • GermanPod101
    This course is supposed to make learning German very easy for you. There is a vast library of podcasts available that you can listen to.

Where to learn German in Berlin?

Berlin is the largest city in Germany, with probably the most foreigners. As you might expect, many language schools operate in Berlin, as a closer look at Google Maps reveals. I’ve put together the most significant ones for you here.

Goethe Institut Berlin

As you might have guessed, the Goethe Institut offers several German courses in Berlin. You can find all classes and locations here. By the way, their language institute is located in east Berlin, nearby Alexanderplatz.

Speakeasy Berlin

Another location with excellent ratings online is speakeasy language school in Warschauer Straße in Berlin. It offers several on-site and in-person classes at a relatively low price.

die deutSCHule

Another language school you might want to look at is die deutSCHule at Karl-Marx-Straße in Berlin. They offer preparation courses for different exams in a very diverse setting, and I believe they are unique in the market.

Where to learn German in Munich?

Munich might be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and is a destination for foreigners. The city offers many jobs at international tech or automotive companies. There are many offers to learn German in Germany in Munich, so please find a list of the most significant ones here.


Some in-person courses are available, like intensive, semi-intensive, and special German classes. Their entire course program can be found here, including the next possible timeframe to start learning German.

Goethe Institut München

The Goethe Institut in Munich does offer many courses for you to learn German, similar to Berlin. You can take classes up to the C2 level here.

Sprachschule Aktiv München

Sprachschule Aktiv in Munich offers classes for you to learn German in Germany. Their school is not too far from the center and has good reviews on Google.

Where to learn German in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt, as the financial capital in Germany, is a preferred destination for many immigrants. If you already live there, you can undoubtedly learn German there in one of the many language schools which specialize in teaching German to foreigners.


Speakeasy does have a language school in the center of Frankfurt. They claim to be a language school and a community that gives you a social and professional network.

Inlingua in Frankfurt

If you want to learn German in Germany and you live in Frankfurt, you might want to learn from one of the best language schools in Germany. Inlingua does have many schools in various cities and offers a large variety of in-person courses.

Sprachschule Centro Lingue Mediterranee

Die Sprachschule Centro FFM offers various language courses for German and other Mediterranean languages. Its central location and different course offerings make it easy for you to attend your classes.

Where to learn German in Cologne?

Cologne is a multicultural city in Germany with a significant Arabian community nearby the Rhine river. The city has a well-known trade center and is famous for its Kölner Dom. There are quite a few language schools in Köln where you can learn German in Germany.

Berlitz Sprachschule Köln

Berlitz, similar to Inlingua, has locations in many different cities in Germany and is well-known due to its long presence in the market. It offers several in-person classes here. Private lessons, group lessons, and lessons specifically for kids and young adults are available.

International House Cologne

There are highly-rated language courses at the International House in Cologne. Some of the offerings here are evening courses, intensive courses, workshops, conversational training, and exam preparations for B1, B2, and C1, at a higher level.

BWS Germanlingua

You can take individual German courses, mini-group courses, and specialized German courses at BWS Germanlingua in Cologne. To learn German in Germany, they offer a large variety of classes for foreigners eager to get started or improve their German knowledge.

Where to learn German in Hamburg?

Hamburg, a wonderful city close to the North Sea, is a great place to live. It is one of the best destinations for foreigners to settle down. The reason for that is the international flair, colossal harbor, and the many multinational companies in the tech and chemical industry.

German Academy Language School Hamburg

The German Academy Language School Hamburg is one of the best-rated schools to learn German in Hamburg. This school offers a great selection of different courses to learn German in Germany. These can be intensive, specialized German or writing and grammar lessons.

Sprachschule Aktiv Hamburg

We already know this school and its offerings from its presence in Munich. Besides private lessons, they offer specific courses for work visas, evening classes, or intensive courses for all levels. Due to its convenient location in the center of Hamburg close to the famous church of St. Nikolai, there should be no excuse for you not to attend a class there.

iQLingua in Hamburg Eppendorf

iQLingua is the last highly rated language school in Hamburg that I’d like to share in this article. They offer German lessons between levels A1 to C2. iQLingua works with more than 200 qualified language trainers. The only caveat is that you have to send them an email to learn more about the classes they offer and specific details.

Where to learn German in Dortmund?

As you might expect from a smaller city, fewer schools are available for you to learn German in Germany. Dortmund, as one of the major cities in the German “Ruhrpot,” is an excellent city for immigrants, even if you might experience that some citizens are less likely to know English. This fact is even more of a reason for you to take a language course in one of the schools in town.

Deutsch Aktiv Sprachinstitut

Deutsch Aktiv Sprachinstitut is almost in the center of Dortmund and offers courses for levels A1 to C1. The school is highly rated amongst the reviewers on Google Maps and has a great history in the town. You can start intensive training anytime, an exception on the market.

Learn German Project

Projekt Deutsch Lernen is an institution in Dortmund since 1978. Besides integration courses, they offer specific German language courses for foreigners to start in Germany. Even if the website looks old-fashioned, this has nothing to say about its quality, as it has delivered the best results for many years.

Perfekt Deutsch Sprachakademie & Prüfungszentrum

The Perfekt Deutsch Sprachakademie offers intensive training, evening courses, and specialized lessons. You can book your next language course directly online and get started almost every two months.

Where to learn German in Hannover?

To wrap up this article, I would like to list some language schools in Hannover that I could find for you. Hannover is an easygoing city with an excellent public transport system and exciting opportunities for foreigners in various industries. So maybe it’s a good place to learn German in Germany.

Bergmann Bildungsinstitut

One of the institutions learning German in Hannover is the Bergmann Bildungsinstitut with language courses. They offer courses from levels A1 to C1. There are different starting points scheduled until October 2023. So you can plan if you want to take one of the lessons at this school which, by the way, seems to be one of the best in Hannover.

DKH Institut Hannover

The DKH Institut offers German courses in person and online. The range of courses goes from A1 to C1. They also have a specific class about German for Doctors that takes eight weeks to complete.

ISK Hannover

The ISK claims to offer German language courses at any level. They provide the standard classes and one specific class about German for students. If you want to learn German in Germany, you may consider starting one of their courses there.

Conclusion: Where to learn German in Germany?

Well, if you were wondering where to learn German, you have above plenty of resources to start from. If you need to know about other places, just drop my an email and I will help.

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