Having accident insurance in Germany even in 2022 makes perfect sense for many. Unfortunately, there are always cases where people get into financial problems after an accident. Most because they are not insured beyond the statutory accident insurance.

If you like to do sports in your free time, you should consider taking out private accident insurance. Statutory variant only covers accidents at work or in kindergarten, school or university. Private accident insurance also provides enough accident protection in leisure time, in traffic, or at home.

Current figures on accidents in Germany

The German Alpine Association (DAV) annually publishes current figures on reported accidents during all mountain sports activities. The numbers were rather declining in the past two years 2019 and 2021 due to COVID-19.

Still, enough accidents happen during leisure time.

Only about 27.97 million people aged 14 and older had private accident insurance in 2020. In the first half of 2021, the Federal Statistical Office reported fewer people killed and injured in road accidents since a long time. 

But accidents will increase again in 2022 as people get back to normal and relaxations continue.

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Main types of accident insurance in Germany

In Germany, there is a general distinction between two different forms of accident insurance. Statutory accident insurance pays for accidents at work, kindergarten, school, or university. Private accident insurance goes beyond this and covers leisure time and sometimes even vacations. You will learn more about the differences in the next two chapters.

Statutory accident insurance Germany – short explanation

Statutory accident insurance in Germany is a branch of social insurance. This compulsory insurance compensates for health damage suffered during professional or school activities. If something happens, the aim is to restore health and performance. The goal is to compensate the insured persons or their surviving dependents.

All employees and trainees are included in the statutory accident insurance. Children in kindergartens and daycare centers, as well as pupils and students, are also automatically covered by it. This also applies to persons on family farms, domestic caregivers, unemployed, and volunteers like firefighters and rescue workers.

Private accident insurance Germany – short explanation  

Private accident insurance is voluntary insurance that does not have to be taken out. In many cases, it is nevertheless advisable to take out private accident insurance in Germany. The differences between private and statutory accident insurance can be decisive in some cases. It also protects against getting into financial difficulties in the event of an accident. It provides some financial stability in the event of death for the surviving dependents.

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Private accident insurance in Germany: The main differences to the statutory accident insurance


Statutory accident insurance covers only the journey to and from work, as well as working hours or time spent at kindergarten, school, or university. Private accident insurance additionally covers accidents in private life and should also be taken out by the self-employed. What many people do not know, however, is that in addition, the benefits of private insurance are also higher or longer.

Degree of disability

If only a low degree of disability is reached due to an accident, the private accident insurance already steps in at the 1%. The statutory insurance pays here only from 20%.

Amount of the benefit

The amount of the benefit is also different. The statutory accident insurance measures the payments on the average salary of the past 12 months. With private accident insurance, you can define the payments yourself. You should only note that a higher sum insured automatically leads to higher premium payments.

Occupational Diseases

Statutory accident insurance, on the other hand, covers occupational diseases, which private accident insurance does not.


The last difference lies in the pension change after an accident. If you experience an improvement in your level of disability years after an accident, the pension payment remains the same with private accident insurance. Here, the statutory accident insurance would ask you to re-determine the degree of disability.

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Who needs private accident insurance in Germany?

Private accident insurance is important for everyone who works independently as a freelancer. It is also important for people who want to insure themselves in the event of accidents in a private environment, such as at home, during sports, during leisure time, or even on vacation. Around 70% of all accidents happen during leisure time, according to the baua.

The form of insurance can be worthwhile especially when you are retired, for families where only one earner provides the necessary income or young people who are more often active in sports. Private accident insurance is also recommended for housewives and househusbands, as well as people who practice a hobby with a particular accident risk or people without a profession.

What is covered with private accident insurance in Germany?

This type of insurance in Germany covers all accidents inside and outside work. An accident is defined as a sudden event that must have occurred within a short period of time. Permanent stresses, e.g., in sports, or other pathological disorders such as excitement are not covered. In addition, all events acting on the body from the outside are covered.

Typical examples here are either falling objects or, for example, injuries in road traffic. The decisive factor here is always that the accident occurred involuntarily. Even grossly negligent behavior is covered by it in Germany. Of course, I do not recommend anyone negligently endanger their health or life.

Additional benefits of private accident insurance

In addition to these standard services listed above, additional services can often be agreed upon. These are, for example, Death benefit (applies only to accidents), daily sickness benefit, daily hospital benefit, convalescence benefits, and transitional benefits. In addition, an accident annuity can be agreed upon, which takes effect from a degree of disability of 50. There are also special tariffs with higher benefits for serious accidents.

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What does private accident insurance in Germany cost?

The prices for this type of private insurance in Germany depend heavily on age and the scope of benefits. Favorable rates can start as low as 2 euros per month for 14-year-olds, for example, whereas more expensive rates for adults with a high level of coverage can readily cost up to 40 euros per month.

Since there are 202 insurance companies offering accident and damage insurance in Germany, it is worthwhile to carry out a detailed insurance comparison.

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A complete guide on how to take out private accident insurance in Germany online

To make the comparison among private accident insurances in Germany as easy as possible for you, you will find a step-by-step guide with explanations of the individual terms here.

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Step 1 – Persons insured


Start your comprehensive and free comparison between over 240 rate variants here and save up to 95% in some cases when taking out your private accident insurance.

In the highlighted area, select whether the insurance should be for

  • yourself (mich)
  • your partner (Partner/in)
  • or your child or children (Kind/er)

and click on the blue button that says compare now (jetzt vergleichen).

Step 2 – Personal details

fill_in_data_about_you_in_the _accident_insurance_calculator

The first three radio buttons allow you to change your selection from the previous page between insurance for

  • yourself (mich)
  • your spouse (Partner/in)
  • or your kids (Kind/er)

Below these, you should enter your date of birth in the following format: DD.MM.YYYY (TT.MM.JJJJ). The next form field allows you to start a search for your occupation (Derzeitiger Beruf/Tätigkeit). By entering one letter, a dropdown appears, as shown below, where you can search for your occupation.

Please make sure to use Google Translate to find your German equivalent first.


In this example, I used one of the predefined frequent professions (Häufige Berufe), which are listed as buttons below the search field.

Next, click on continue (weiter) to fill out more information.

Step 3 – Basic parameters for the insurance


The next page asks you to define the basic parameters of your private accident insurance. For the basic sum (Grundsumme) in point 1, you should select at least € 200,000 as of the coverage sum if you are a salaried employee with an office job. If you earn more than € 66,666 gross per year, you should enter your 3-fold annual income as the basic sum.

A value of 225% is recommended as the progression (Progression) for point 2. This increases the payout amount in case of a severe disability, such as the loss of both legs. Under point 3 you can see what payout you would receive in this case.

In Germany, there is a so-called limb tax that determines how much you will get paid if you lose a certain part of your body. You can find the result for your chosen rate under point 4.

The limb tax is divided into

  • eyes (Auge)
  • sense of smell (Geruchssinn)
  • arm (Arm)
  • hand (Hand)
  • hearing in one ear (Gehör auf einem Ohr)
  • sense of taste (Geschmackssinn)
  • thumb (Daumen)
  • index finger (Zeigefinger)
  • other fingers
  • leg (Bein)
  • leg mid-thigh
  • leg below the knee
  • foot (Fuß)
  • foot in the ankle
  • big toe (große Zehe)
  • and other toes

Item 5 allows you to define a corresponding daily hospital allowance per day (Krankenhaustagegeld pro Tag).

However, since the daily hospital allowance is capped by law at 10€ per day, it is not recommended to take it out with this insurance.

Also, point 6, the selection of the lifelong monthly accident pension (Unfallrente) is not recommended, after there is also for this a better insurance, the occupational disability insurance.

In point 7, you can specify the amount to be paid out if death occurs. More than 5,000 € in coverage sum is also not recommended here. This sum usually covers all or most of the costs of a funeral. On the other hand, to provide sufficiently for the surviving dependents, it is recommended to take out an appropriate life insurance policy.

Once you have entered all the parameters, you can see the rate range in advance under point 8 and display the result of the insurance comparison under point 9 by clicking on the continue (weiter) button.

Step 4 – Select the best tariff for you


Before you decide on insurance, I will briefly explain how the overview of Check24* is structured.

Under point 1, you can once again see all the parameters from the previous steps. You can still adjust these on the overview page.

Under point 2, you can make a preselection of the tariffs. If you do a lot of sports, you should activate the checkbox for very good in Sports & Leisure (Sport & Freizeit).

If you don’t want to be asked any health questions (Keine Gesundheitsfragen) or have a rate that can be canceled at any time (Jederzeit kündbar), select the corresponding option.

Point 3 shows you the price-performance recommendation of Check24* together with the most important features.

The insurance rate under point 4 is in this case the rate that offers the best performance but is more expensive than the rate under 3.

Under point 5 you have the possibility to make further pre-selections among the presented tariffs.

Sort the results here by

  • provider name (Anbietername)
  • the best rating (Beste Bewertung)
  • the best customer rating (Beste Kundenbewertung)
  • the lowest price (Niedrigster Preis) that was selected as a preselection.

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Wrap up

Having private accident insurance is highly recommended, as it covers everything in case of an emergency that happens outside of work/school hours or on the way there. The most frequent accidents happen during leisure time, during private sports, or at home.

If you want to be additionally covered here, you should use the insurance comparison of Check24*.

That way you can easily find the right tariff for you.

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